Old Friends

Missing Brad Lister or maybe Alex Doolan? As they are Aussies maybe not.  At least we found a nice Kiwi in 2017.  It would be great to hear from old players or anyone who has been part of the club.  Send us an email fawleycricketclub@hotmail.co.uk to get in touch.

Some of our old friends who we don’t see very often are:

Brad Lister – former florist & Swampgrass leader

Alex Doolan – part time T20 player & Tasmania specialist

Anthony Percy – ginger lover of Northern England

Brendan Streather – won a Poker Night and enrolled in the Marines

Gary Fenna – find him on itunes

James Woolgar – wearing shorts in Oz and missing Bruiser

Joe Locke – MIA in London

Kev Glass – on a green or in a bunker (we hate Derby)

Owamir Afzaal – still recovering from being a Chelsea fan

Scott Rogers – still spinning it miles, a career in politics beckons

Steve Cox – sound financial advice apart from at Poker

Steve Thomas – went to Manchester and never came back

Tom Gates – you can find him in Hythe and not Bashley

Ash Rhode – looking after the Flower of Scotland

Blake Anderson – Player of the Final in Toowoomba, Queensland in March 18

Elijah Turriff-Smith – the only overseas player shorter than the Treasurer

Matt Brown – working out how you can stop the ball without your hands

Let’s hope they all make a reappearance at the Club Tour in 2020.

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